Research Rest-Stop │ 2011 Urban Mobility Report

Every Wednesday, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities (MOTU) highlights some interesting research related to or innovations in transportation, sustainability, or energy.

Today, we present the newly-released 2011 Urban Mobility Report from the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), which focuses on congestion problems occurring in cities across the nation and offers solutions.

The report discusses how commuters would face many more hours in traffic if public transportation services were ended.

Some interesting facts come out of the report:

  • The average commuter spends roughly 34 hours delayed in traffic a year.
  • Congestion is expensive. At a cost of $100 billion, this amounts to almost $750 for every commuting American. 
  • Congestion is expanding beyond the typical “rush hour” period. Approximately 40% of delays occur during the middle of the day and overnight.

The report also includes specific Philadelphia data, including:

  • In 2010, the annual delay per peak auto commuter was 42 person-hours. This measure is the annual sum of daily trip-delays by all persons traveling during peak hours (6 – 10 amand 3 – 7 pm). This places Philadelphia as the 14th most congested city in the United States.
  • The total cost of congestion in Philadelphia in 2010 was $2.842 million. In comparison to other cities around the country, Philadelphia is ranked 8th in this category. This is the same status that Philadelphia had in 2009.
  • The cost per peak auto commuter in Philadelphia in 2010 was $864 (14th in the nation).

 What do you think? How does congestion affect your daily commute?


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