Want a Bicycle Parking Corral?

Following the successful pilot last fall of an in-street bike parking rack on Sydenham St. just south of Walnut St in Center City, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities  received numerous requests from businesses around the City to provide in street bike parking.

Starting this month, MOTU will be soliciting applications from businesses and organizations who want to convert a single car parking space in front of their building into parking spaces for 12 bicycles. MOTU will be awarding up to 10 of these racks free of charge to applicants who prove that they meet the criteria outlined in the attached application packet. As part of the process, interested businesses or organizations are required to meet the following criteria:
– Determine if their location meets space requirements
– Provide evidence that their location has a high and un-met demand for bicycle parking
– Complete the City of Philadelphia Bike Corral Application
– Acquire letters of approval from their district City Council representative

This program will follow the examples set by peer cities across the country including Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland Oregon, and Milwaukee in which a single car parking space is converted into parking spaces for multiple bicycle parking.

Applications are due May 30th, 2012 and should be emailed to bikeracks@phila.gov or mailed to the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities c/o Aaron Ritz at the following address.

Aaron Ritz
Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities
1401 JFK Boulevard, Suite 1430


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