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Every Wednesday, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities (MOTU) highlights some interesting research related to or innovations in transportation, sustainability, or energy.


You may know Walk Score as being an online source to determine your proximity to neighborhood amenities, shops, restaurants, and businesses within walking distance. Today, Walk Score has gone one step farther by releasing a new product known as Transit Score. Using a GIS-based analysis, Transit Score measures a location’s transportation network and connections to public transit. Based on a 0-100 scale (with a score of 90 – 100 being deemed “world-class public transportation), Transit Score allows users to compare cities according to their public transit systems.

Interested in knowing how Philadelphia ranks? According to Transit Score, Philadelphia comes in at #5, with a transit score of 68 (“many nearby public transportation options”).

Want more? Here are Transit Score’s top ten cities with the highest public transit system rankings:

  1. New York (Transit Score: 81)
  2. San Francisco (80)
  3. Boston (74)
  4. Washington, D.C. (69)
  5. Philadelphia (68)
  6. Chicago (65)
  7. Seattle (59)
  8. Miami (57)
  9. Baltimore (57)
  10. Portland (50)

With its many bus and trolley routes, regional rail, and the subway, perhaps it’s not surprising that Philadelphia ranks so highly. For travelers looking to take public transit or even walk or bike, they often have their pick of modes and ways to get to destinations.


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