Streetfilms Highlight ‘The Porch’ at 30th Street Station

A new Streetfilms video showcases the success of ‘The Porch,’ Philadelphia’s newest public pedestrian plaza, right outside of 30th Street Station. 

University City District, creator of The Porch, envisioned the pedestrian plaza as a vibrant public space, filled with amenities and inviting to all people.  UCD recognized that a successful public place is more than simply designating space for pedestrians, but also a space that promotes public events and encourages activity.

Streetfilms extols The Porch’s transformation from a parking lot into a public recreation area with movable chairs and tables, and events and activities such as miniature golf, music performances, yoga sessions, a farmer’s market, and a beer garden. 

Although The Porch took its inspiration from pedestrian plazas in other cites, such as New York’s Times Square, it is quickly becoming a popular destination for Philadelphians to relax as well as a model for future pedestrian plazas in Philadelphia and other cities.

Have you been to The Porch?  Take advantage of the great summer weather and visit the Porch today!

To find out more about The Porch, including upcoming events, visit the University City District website.


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