Green Power Philadelphia

One of the major Goals of Philadelphia’s Greenworks program is to reduce our vulnerability to rising energy prices.  A significant factor in this is the ability to purchase electricity from renewable sources.  In fact, the fourth target of this goal is for all of Philadelphia to purchase or generate 20% of its electricity from alternative sources.  These alternative and renewable sources include electricity generated from solar, wind, geothermal, low-impact biomass, and low-impact hydro resources.

Philadelphia Water Department’s South East Water Pollution Control Plant Solar Array

  Philadelphia has partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency to become a Green Power Community.  Philadelphia is currently the most populous city to participate in the program.  Participation in the Green Power Community program requires Philadelphia to meet or exceed the EPA’s green power purchase requirements. 

Recently, the Clean Air Council hosted an informative public program about the benefits of switching to green power.  Using green energy benefits the environment by limiting the use of fossil fuels, provides new sustainable jobs for a stronger regional economy, and can help consumers save money.

Learn about switching to green power at Pennsylvania Power-Switch

Also, check out Philadelphia’s Greenworks Program


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