Bike Corrals in Philadelphia!

Philadelphia has three brand new bike corrals!  And five more on the way!

The first of the three bike corrals was installed at Reading Terminal Market on Filbert Street, the second outside the Whole Foods Market on South Street, and the third outside Tattooed Mom’s Bar, also on South Street.

A new Bike Corral at Reading Terminal

Bike Corrals are a popular addition to cities all over the country that face a shortage of bicycle parking.  Bike corrals are large bike racks that provide a dozen bicycle parking spaces and differ from standard bicycle parking because the corral occupies a curbside parking space formerly used for a single car.

Corrals benefit cyclists by providing a designated space for bicycle parking, which also benefits pedestrians by freeing up scarce sidewalk space.  They also benefit nearby shops by instantly increasing accessibility.

Look for future bike corrals in Philadelphia at:

Chinatown Community Development Corp at 10th and Cherry Streets

Mariposa Co-op at 4826 Baltimore Avenue

Drinker’s Pub at 1903 Chestnut Street

Kung Fu Necktie at Front and Thompson Streets

Johnny Brenda’s at Frankford and Girard Avenues


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