Parklets are popping up all around Philadelphia

Earlier this week, Logan CDC debuted a Parklet in front of the Logan Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia.  

Logan’s parklet is unique for several reasons; it is located in front of a library instead of a retail establishment, and it features several unique design features that differentiate it from standard parklets (you can view more pictures here).  The mesh wall provides an opportunity to hang a scrim that the community has already used to screen movies, while the slate floor provides children a chance to literally leave a (chalk) mark on their neighborhood.  To learn more about the Logan Parklet read the PlanPhilly article here.

To date, there are three parklets in Philadelphia, the Logan Parklet at 1333 Wagner Ave, a parklet at 43rd and Baltimore and one at 44th and Spruce. To learn more about how the University City District chose their latest parklet location at 44th and Spruce take a look at this video:


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