MOTUnes Monday — We’re Getting There

Every Monday, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities showcases a transportation, energy, or sustainability related song.  This week, MOTU has an extra special MOTUnes Monday and is proud to present Michal Pearl Waldfogel, a local Philadelphia musician, who has written a song about SEPTA, called ‘We’re Getting There.’

‘We’re Getting There’, named after SEPTA’s former slogan, is a lighthearted song about using the SEPTA transit system.  Michal Pearl Waldfogel recently debuted this video and performed at Philadephia’s Live Arts Fringe Festival.

“Forget about running up the art museum steps or waiting in line to see that cracked bell,” says Michal, “to travel on SEPTA is to discover the beautiful City of Philadelphia and her residents in a real, raw, and behind-the-scenes way.”

Find out more about “We’re Getting There”

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