Weird Waste Day – November 10th, 2012

Do you have old computers, monitors, or other electronics stored around your house?

Green in Chestnut Hill will be hosting Weird Waste Day, a Responsible E-Waste Recycling event to help Philadelphians recycle their old and discarded electronics such as old computer parts, telephones, DVD players, game consoles, etc.

Green in Chestnut Hill, aka GRINCH, is a Philadelphia community group that furthers green and sustainable living.  GRINCH is not the only community group in Philadelphia organizing for sustainability. Sustainable 19125, based in the New Kensington neighborhood recently hosted a Fall Cleanup and has helped residents acquire trees for their yards. Both of these groups have taken the initiative to make Philadelphia an environmentally friendly and truly sustainable city.

Find out more about Weird Waste Day

For more information about GRINCH or Sustainable 19125, check out their websites:


Sustainable 19125


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