Volunteer at The Philadelphia Marathon! Nov. 17 & 18

Help save the planet from waste and the City from extra costs!! ….all while having fun and earning a free sweatshirt!

Each year the Philadelphia Marathon attracts over 85,000 runners and spectators who come from every state in the nation and more than 40 countries around the world. The enthusiastic crowds that attend Philadelphia’s mega-events, like the Marathon help to create a festive atmosphere, but they also produce a lot of waste. This year the Marathon has set an ambitious goal of 75% waste diversion from landfills, one of several sustainability initiatives that will qualify the event forReSport Silver Certification from the Council for Responsible Sport!

And we need your help to do it!

In order to achieve this goal, the Philadelphia Marathon is partnering with the Mayor’s Office of Sustainabilityand the Mayor’s Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service to create a team of WASTE WATCHERS, volunteers who help separate trash, recycling, and compost into the right containers at the race Start/Finish, spectator areas, and at various water stops along the route. When you become a member of the Waste Watchers team, you will not only help the Marathon achieve its sustainability goals, but you will also help to educate race attendees about recycling and composting, and help the City of Philadelphia to reduce the amount of trash its events send to the landfill! It’s a lot of fun, too!!


Signing up to be a WASTE WATCHER with the Philadelphia Marathon is easy. The marathon is a 2-day event, and we need volunteers for both days. Below is a list of the shifts you can choose from. Click on the one that works best for you. The link will take you to the Marathon’s registration page.

Kids Fun Run and Rothman Institute 8K: Saturday, November 17th
Waste Watchers-Start/Finish Area: 6:30am- 12pm
Waste Watcher Mile-3 Water Stop: 6:30am- 10:30am

Choose the option that works best for you. 
Oh, and when you arrive for your shift you will receive a FREE WASTE WATCHERS SWEATSHIRT!



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