SEPTA Releases Annual Sustainability Report

Last week, SEPTA released its annual sustainability report, which records the progress that the transit provider has made over the past year to attain its own economic, environment, and social sustainability goals.

SEPTA's 2013 Sustainability Report

SEPTA’s 2013 Sustainability Report

SEPTA’s goals include reducing water use and stormwater runoff, improving access to local food via transit, and increasing the transit mode share, among others.  So far, SEPTA has progressed on many of its sustainability goals: avoiding almost 70 million pounds of carbon thanks to ridership increases and congestion reduction; produced over 1,500 pounds of food at the Walnut Hill Community Farm; issued nearly 20 thousand “Seniors Ride Free” passes; and planted 170 trees at 12 project sites.

Although SEPTA has already made incredible progress towards its sustainability goals, there is still much work to be done.  Check out the full plan to see how SEPTA will become the leading transit provider in economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

SEPTA Report: SEP-TAINABLE Empowering Action

SEPTA Press release


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