Parklet Study Volunteers Wanted

Last year, 6 parklets appeared across the city, This year MOTU is spearheading and managing a coordinated study of Parklet impacts. MOTU wants to be able to quantify their impacts on both businesses and pedestrians.

MOTU is  looking for volunteers to help us conduct the study, to sign up for one, or multiple shifts (which would reduce the amount of volunteers needed). MOTU is asking volunteers to hang out for a two hour shift and either count pedestrians or people using the parklets.
On March 4th (11AM, Room 1450 MSB) MOTU is hosting a kick off meeting for our Parklet study and we would greatly appreciate it if you could do help us recruit volunteers from your community and partners to attend the meeting and help us conduct our Parklet study. Attendance of this meeting is not a requirement for study participation, those unable to attend should contact Ariel Ben-Amos directly (

If there was a parklet in your neighborhood and you, or those you know might be interested or able to help, please have them contact


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