New Census Data Describes How Philadelphia Commutes

The US Census recently released new data around transportation and how people commute to and from work.  The Philadelphia Inquirer looked at this newly released census data and found that approximately 253,000 people commute into Philadelphia everyday!  The Philadelphia Inquirer article also describes that 147,000 Philadelphians commute out to the suburbs.  This means that 106,000 more commuters are coming into Philadelphia than leaving.

The Census also released the following graphic to further describe the transportation story here in Philadelphia:


The United Census Census Bureau’s graphic about how Philadelphia commutes —

This data highlights that Philadelphians have a 24% longer commute than the national average, with the average Philadelphians traveling 31.1 minutes.

This data also highlights that Philadelphians are much more likely to travel by a variety of modes.  76.4% of the nation commutes to work by driving alone, only 50% of Philadelphians drove alone.  In addition to this, Philadelphians are much more likely to commut to work by public transportation and bicycle than the national average.  In fact, Philadelphians are 5x more likely to commute by public transportation and 2x more likely to commute by bicycle than the average worker in the US!

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