A Spotlight on Philadelphia’s Bike Culture

Urban Velo is a magazine and online journal devoted to biking culture across the US.  In their latest issue (#36) two articles feature a Philadelphia firm and spotlight Philadelphia’s growing bicycle infrastructure network (with an interview of MOTU’s own Aaron Ritz).


Click the cover to read the magazine! (Image courtesy of http://www.urbanvelo.org/issue36/)

Philadelphia’s own R.E.Load Messenger Bags has a two page spread, devoted to their gorgeous, durable messenger bags.  In Urban Velo they note how much the Philadelphia community has supported them, noting that 

“Philly is an incredibly supportive community. A couple of people saw them and started asking us would we make bags for them. We were also going to alleycats as much as possible at the time. So we just started going there and telling people we could make them stuff. And that pretty much how it started”

R.E.Load is a Philadelphia institution and MOTU is delighted that their iconic bags are receiving national attention, viewed across the country, not just on the back’s of Philadelphia bicyclists.

Urban Velo also highlites Philadelphia’s growing bicycling community and discuss the challenges it faces as it grows and expands.  Urban Velo notes that

“Philadelphia is a good example of somewhere that’s steadily becoming more bike-friendly, has a growing cycling community, and is dealing with challenges that apply to many cities.”

Interviewing Aaron Ritz, who talks about the challenges implicit in building a bicycling network and with average riders, Urban Velo provides a great over view of the physical and cultural issues confronting the riding public.

MOTU is proud, of Ritz, R.E.Load and the thousands of Philadelphians who bike every day through the best big city for bicycling in the US.


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