Tidbit Tuesday — Median Income Surrounding SEPTA Stations, Part 2

Every Tuesday, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities (MOTU) posts a map or graphic that tells a story about transportation or utilities in the City of Brotherly Love.

In the last few weeks, several cities (including Washington, DC and New York City) have looked at the median income for households surrounding their rail and subway stations.  We decided to do the same analysis here in Philadelphia to see what the story is.  Last week we looked at the median household incomes surrounding SEPTA Regional Rail Stations and this week we are looking at the median household incomes surrounding SEPTA subway and highspeed lines.  All figures are based on 2007-2011 ACS data  and are the average median household income of all census tracts that are within or intersect a 1/2 mile radius drawn from each stop.

The map below shows the average median household income in the areas surrounding the subway stops.  Do any surprise you?

MedianIncomeSEPTA_Subway [Converted]-01

The graphs below show how the median household income rises and falls as the transit line progresses from beginning to end.

BSL-01 MFL-01 NHSL-01


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