Tidbit Tuesday — Benjamin Franklin Bridge Crossings

Every Tuesday, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities (MOTU) posts a map or graphic that tells a story about transportation or utilities in the City of Brotherly Love.

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge is one of the most iconic of Philadelphia landmarks.  Each day, hundreds of thousands of people depend on the bridge to cross between Philadelphia and New Jersey.  Altogether, the bridge handles seven lanes of traffic, PATCO trains, and a walkway for pedestrians and bicyclists.

This week, we take a quick look at the travel modes people use to cross.


To arrive at our numbers, traffic volumes and PATCO ridership were found in the most recent Delaware River Port Authority annual report: http://www.drpa.org/pdfs/ar2011.pdf.  Private vehicle occupancy was based on the 2009 National Household Travel Survey, and we assumed buses to be carrying an average of 35 passengers each.


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