Help Us Locate Abandoned Bicycles

Over the past year, MOTU and the Streets Department have been periodically removing abandoned bicycles from public streets. As we gear up for an upcoming sweep starting on Thursday, June 27th, we need your help! If you spot an abandoned bike on the sidewalk, please tell us through Philly311, either at, with the Philly 311 smartphone app, or by calling 311 (also reachable at 215-686-8686).

When reporting, include a description of the bicycle’s color, location, any damage or missing parts, and what the bike is locked to (such as a bike rack, sign post, etc.). A bicycle is considered abandoned if it has missing or damaged parts, is in unusable condition, and has been locked in the same location for one month or longer.

Removal notices ready to go.

Removal notices ready to go.

Abandoned bicycles will be tagged with a bright green or pink notice at least seven days prior to removal. If your bike gets tagged by mistake, simply take off the tag and move your bike to different bike rack. You can also call us at 215-686-5493 if you are unable to move your bicycle or if you have any questions.

Clearing abandoned bicycles helps keep our limited bicycle parking and scarce sidewalk space useful and safe for everyone. All the bicycles we collect will be donated to local charities that specialize in refurbishing bicycles.


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