Tidbit Tuesday — Land Used for Transportation

Every Tuesday, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities (MOTU) posts a map or graphic that tells a story about transportation or utilities in the City of Brotherly Love.

Our friends over at the Philadelphia City Planning Commission have been hard at work on Philadelphia2035, a comprehensive plan to guide our city’s physical development over the next 25 years and beyond.  In their Citywide Vision, adopted in 2011, we learned that approximately 24% of all land within the City of Philadelphia is used for transportation purposes, including streets, sidewalks, rail lines, marine terminals, and airports.

We did a bit of research to find out how that 24% is distributed.

TransportationLandUsesOur numbers were estimated using GIS inventories of land-use by parcel and city street curb edges, both of which are publicly available through Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (a statewide geospatial data clearinghouse).

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