Tidbit Tuesday | Non-Vehicle Households in Large Cities

Every Tuesday, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities (MOTU) posts a map or graphic that tells a story about transportation or utilities in the City of Brotherly Love.

Last week, we learned that one of every three Philadelphia households have no vehicles at home, and that rate reaches 40%  or even 60% in large portions of the city.

How does our 34% rate of non-car households compare with peers cities throughout the United States?  We took a look at all nine cities that have a population of one million or more.

ZeroVehicleHHs-Top10CitiesAfter New York, Philadelphia has the second-highest proportion of non-vehicle households among these large cities.  There are many reasons that end up influencing whether a household has a vehicle at home, from financial trade-offs to convenience (or inconvenience).  Urban form, transit availability, unemployment rates, and parking costs are just a few such factors that vary significantly among these cities.


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