MOTU@5 | 5 Years in Review: The New Business as Usual

The Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities released a report titled MOTU@5: 5 Years in Review.  We will be featuring a section per day on the blog from now through the end of the month.  You can find the full report online here.

“The New Business as Usual: Sustainability Matters” describes how MOTU has has worked with the Streets Department, Water Department, Philadelphia International Airport, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, and the Energy Office to ensure that sustainability is the new business as usual.  From this section, we picked what we thought were the top 5 most interesting facts:

5. Many lighting systems have been repaired and upgraded


4. Over 7 million pounds of trash have been cleared from sites


3. Decreasing trash collection has decreased costs and fuel usage


2. The City is investing in energy


1. The City recycles 20% of its trash



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