MOTU@5 | 5 Years in Review: The Next Stop

The Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities released a report titled MOTU@5: 5 Years in Review.  We will be featuring a section per day on the blog from now through the end of the month.  You can find the full report online here.

“The Next Stop: The Future” describes what MOTU is working on next.  While we typically pick a selection of interesting images from the report, we instead are taking three of the items from the report and pointing you to further resources.

3. Philadelphia Bike Share

Bike share is scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia in 2014.  Bike share will bring 100 to 200 bike share stations in a 4-6 sqmi region in the central business district.  Click the image below or here to learn more.


2. Traffic Operations Center

Over the last four years, the City has been working on a Traffic Operations Center which is scheduled to open in fall of 2014.  Click here or the image below (showing a rendering of the coming Traffic Operations Center) to read the Philly article.


1. Continued Reduction in the City’s Energy Usage

The City is working hard to achieve the Greenworks Philadelphia goal of decreasing institutional energy usage by 30%.  While we are well on our way, we are working to improve our bill tracking software in order to keep various departments accountable for their energy usage.  For more information on the ways in which we are working to incentivize energy usage accountability, check out the EEBHUB blog post here or by clicking on the graphic below.



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