MOTU Announcement | Philadelphia Energy Initiatives Awards

During Mayor Nutter’s tenure, the City has set to become the greenest city in America. To recognize the amazing energy accomplishments that have since taken place, the Mayor recently gave Philadelphia Initiative Awards to the following policies, projects, and people that have demonstrated outstanding energy performance.

Award for the most on-site electricity production at a City-owned facility to the team that inspired the Philadelphia Water Department’s Biogas Cogeneration facility

The Biogas Cogeneration facility was installed at the Northeast Water Pollution Control Plant. It uses biogas from waste water, along with natural gas, to produce electricity on site. This facility generates 85% of the electricity and all of the heating needed for the site.

Award for the greatest energy-saving project among the City’s four largest facilities to the team that completed the Quadplex Guaranteed Energy Savings Act Project

The Quadplex Guaranteed Energy Savings Act Project implemented energy improvements in City Hall, the Criminal Justice Center, Municipal Services Building, and One Park Building. Together, these improvements are projected to lower energy consumption by 20% and to save the City approximately $25.5 million over fifteen years.

Award for the most improvement in PJM’s Demand Reponse program to the staff of the Philadelphia International Airport

The Philadelphia International Airport delivered 300% of their nomination in the their audit, compared to an average of 13% during the two events in 2013.

Award for developing, implementing, and holding staff accountable to an energy-saving lighting policy to the Parks and Recreation Department

Through its participation in the Energy Efficient Pilot Program, the Parks and Recreation Department requires a schedule for using field lights and holds staff accountable if its schedule is not adhered. Thanks to this successful policy, the Department saved over 85,000 kilowatts hours in fiscal year 2014 as compared to its average consumption over the three previous fiscal years.

Award for the most effective equipment procurement policy to the staff of the Health Department

The Health Department developed and implemented an energy-saving equipment and procurement policy, which means requiring ENERGY STAR-qualified equipment (if possible) when buying new equipment. The Health Department also participated in the Energy Efficiency Pilot Program which created a way to track its energy consumption. With the assistance of this policy, over 900,000 kilowatt hours were saved in fiscal year 2014, as compared to its average consumption over the three previous fiscal years.

Award for the most instrumental City employee in providing benchmarking water data access to Roy Romano

Roy Romano was instrumental in getting building across the city—both publicly and privately owned—the water data they needed to benchmark in Portfolio Manager. Without this crucial water data, many buildings would not have been able to comply with Philadelphia’s energy and benchmarking disclosure law. In the second compliance year for benchmarking disclosure law, the City enjoyed a 90% compliance rate.

The work that has been done to manage and reduce energy consumption across the City saves taxpayer dollars—and every dollar not spent on energy is a dollar available for City programs.

Please join us in congratulating the recipients!


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