It’s Road Safety, Not Rocket Science

As you may remember, in March we held #NotRocketScience pop-up pedestrian safety events in Philadelphia’s high pedestrian crash corridors.  These events included three individuals dressed in over-the-top “safety suits” working to educate the public about safe driver-pedestrian interactions.  From these events we worked with LevLane and Neighborhood Film Co. to create PSA’s to ensure that even more Philadelphians receive the message!


While Philadelphians laughed and learned about the dangers of distracted driving and distracted walking along with our “Safety Suiters” – we want to reiterate that traffic safety is no laughing matter.  Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Utilities Rina Cutler has previously stated, “The financial toll of these fatalities and accidents is in the hundreds of millions each year, but the personal toll is incalculable. We need to constantly find ways to engage the public on traffic safety issues, as safety must be our top priority.”

Therefore we are asking each of you to do your part.  We know that road safety is #NotRocketScience – but it IS a choice.  We invite you use the resources we have made available online to help spread the need for safer behavior!

Just a reminder, this PSA is part of the larger It’s Road Safety, Not Rocket Science Pedestrian Safety Education and Enforcement Program which is being funded by a NHTSA Focus Cities Grant.  This program includes the following:

  • ENFORCEMENT: The Philadelphia Police Department is actively issuing warnings and citations to drivers and warnings to pedestrians at high crash intersections during high crash times.  Since October 2014, the Philadelphia Police Department has issued more than 1,100 warnings and citations.
  • EDUCATION: The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is working with Philadelphia schools near high crash intersections to conduct the Safe Routes Philly school curriculum. They are teaching students how to walk to school safely. The Bicycle Coalition is also conducting school walkability audits and will give recommendations to the Philadelphia Department of Streets for possible improvements to street design.
  • ENGAGEMENT: This program also includes a city-wide advertising campaign being featured on and inside more than 1,100 buses and transit shelters.

This education and enforcement program seeks to leverage the infrastructure solutions the Streets Department has accomplished in recent years, including the installation of more than 500 pedestrian countdown signals and the retiming of more than 2,400 intersections to favor safe pedestrian crossing. Read more about safety projects the Streets Department is planning, designing, and implementing here



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