Low-Cost Safety Improvement on Springfield & Baltimore Avenues

Have you ever wondered about the automated red light enforcement cameras at intersections across the city? Well, the City of Philadelphia benefits from those cameras immensely—and so does your safety as street users!

The City has used $1.5 million of earlier Automated Red Light Enforcement (ARLE) fund distributions to improve pavement markings within bicycle conflict zones at 34 intersections and over seven miles of bicycle lanes. Of these intersections, the Baltimore and Springfield Avenues intersection (just east of S. 45th Street in the University City area of West Philadelphia) was one where the City and community stakeholders collaborated to improve safety.

The Springfield and Baltimore Avenues intersection was recently improved under Philadelphia’s citywide Low-Cost Safety Improvement project funded by ARLE. University City District has said “the response in the neighborhood has been phenomenal! [There has been much] outpouring of appreciation, especially for a project of this [small] scale.” The Springfield and Baltimore Avenues low-cost safety project demonstrates low-cost-big-impact type of work that has really been at the heart of Philadelphia’s ARLE funded safety improvements. The project has dramatically improved safety by eliminating accelerating Springfield Avenue traffic onto Baltimore Avenue heading east. The improvements for pedestrians is also significantly improved since pedestrians no longer need to negotiate the nearly 70-foot unsignalized crossing parallel to Baltimore Ave. The improvements, consisting of traffic paint and flexible delineator posts, shorten the crossing to less than half and require vehicular traffic to make a turn instead of a higher-speed merge.

The results? Have a look for yourself:

Baltimore and Springfield Avenues, before

Springfield and Baltimore Avenues, BEFORE

Springfield and Baltimore Avenues, AFTER

Springfield and Baltimore Avenues, AFTER

Additionally, the City is using the most recent $3.5M ARLE funding distribution to implement traffic calming measures throughout the City to reduce vehicle speeds and increase pedestrian safety. Such projects include corridor safety improvements on Castor Avenue, pedestrian safety improvements on South Broad Street between Chestnut and Walnut Streets, citywide traffic calming improvements, LED Street Light Improvements, and Anti-Skid pavement resurfacing at key locations.

Coordination between MOTU and the Streets Department on projects like these ARLE funded safety improvement projects is helping the City of Philadelphia to advance transportation safety for all street users.


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