August 2015 Abandoned Bike Sweep

On Wednesday, August 12th and Thursday, August 13th, MOTU and the Streets Department’s Sanitation Division will be conducting an abandoned bicycle sweep. We will remove abandoned bicycles that have been identified through Philly-311 and tagged by our office. Specifically, we will be doing our best to remove abandoned bicycles. Removing abandoned bicycles is an important part of maintaining the streets for all Philadelphians as it frees up our sidewalks for pedestrian use and it clears existing parking areas that are designated for cyclists.

All abandoned bicycles will be donated to local charities that specialize in refurbishing bicycles.

To report an abandoned bicycle, submit a request by calling 311 or by the 311 website. Remember to include a description of the bicycle, its location, any damage, and what the bike is locked to (a tree, parking meter, etc.). If we are unable to remove the abandoned bike during this sweep, or if the reported bike is located outside of our priority zones for the Papal visit, we will address the request at a later time.

If your bicycle has been identified as abandoned inadvertently, simply remove the yellow tag and relocate the bicycle to a nearby bike rack, or call the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities at 215-686-4421.

Curious about what defines an abandoned bicycle? Review Bill No. 150287.


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