MOTU Announcement | Mayor Nutter Announces That Indego Bike Share Will Launch April 23

Philadelphia, March 30, 2015 –Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced that the launch of the Indego bike share system will take place at noon on Thursday, April 23rd at Eakins Oval. Members of the public are welcome to join the festive kick-off event, which will feature music, brief remarks, and a ceremonial ride on the new bikes by members of Indego. The docking stations where Indego bikes will be parked will operate 24 hours a day all year at 70 locations in neighborhoods from Point Breeze, Passyunk and Center City to Yorktown, Olde Kensington, Francisville and Spruce Hill. Bike share users can access bikes at any station by using member cards or credit/debit cards and return them to any other station.

“I am thrilled that we are launching Indego in less than 30 days. Great cities provide residents, commuters, and visitors with great transportation and recreation options. Indego adds another option to get around, stay healthy, and experience our wonderful City,” said Mayor Nutter.

Affordable membership options

Beginning today, memberships are available from Users are encouraged to sign up before the April 23rd launch.  System members will receive a key that allows to access a bike at any Indego station.  Indego30 is a 30-day membership plan that provides members unlimited one-hour rides.  It is priced at just $15 per month and is available with credit card, debit card, and cash payment options. For credit card customers, the membership will renew automatically and can be cancelled at any time. Cash payments will be facilitated by PayNearMe, an electronic cash payment system that allows consumers to make cash payments at local stores. After signing up for membership via the Indego website, PayNearMe will send each consumer a bar code by text message or email. Consumers then take that bar code to participating 7-Eleven or Family Dollar stores and pay for the Indego membership in cash.

All Indego members will get 10 percent off bicycle helmets at select bike shops and athletic stores around Philadelphia.

Membership discounts for Independence Blue Cross Members and Dollar Days for everyone

As the official sponsor of Indego bike share, Independence Blue Cross supports the health and wellness of all Philadelphians by encouraging everyone to integrate physical activity into our daily lives. Through September 30, 2015, Independence Blue Cross members can enjoy their first 30 days of an Indego30 membership for just $5. Additionally, on twelve Independence Dollar Days throughout the year, beginning with the May 15 Bike to Work Day, everyone can try Indego for just $1 for the first half hour.

“We believe Indego will inspire people to get outside and get active, and that will strengthen the well-being of Philadelphia,” said Daniel J. Hilferty, Independence Blue Cross president and CEO. “That’s why we will give our members a 75 percent discount off the first month of membership and why we’ve arranged for 12 Dollar Days throughout the year when anyone in our community can ride an Indego bike for just one dollar.”

Indego is the first large bike share system in North America to offer:

  • A 30-day membership that will renew automatically and can be cancelled at anytime;
  • A pay-as-you-ride membership, in which you pay only for the rides you take;
  • Membership options that include 60 minutes of ride time before users incur additional fees; and
  • A cash payment option for 30-day memberships.

“We are proud that Indego will be America’s most accessible bike share program. Our pricing structure provides great value, puts customers in control of how much they spend, and is easy to understand. With options that allow members to take trips that last up to 60 minutes, we’ve made Indego a great option for getting around or just taking a ride to enjoy the city and get some exercise. For tourists, jumping on an Indego bike using our flat half-hour rate makes the decision to try Indego easy,” said Andrew Stober, Chief of Staff in the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities.

Indego Preview Event

Indego will hold a preview event on Thursday, April 2 from noon to 2 PM at Paine Plaza across from City Hall. During the event, a docking station and bikes will be on display, and visitors can try the system, find out about membership options, and purchase memberships.

More about bikes, stations and staying in the know

All Indego bikes will be equipped with a bell and front and rear lights. Each bike will also be inscribed with a safety message that encourages helmet use and cautions riders to yield to pedestrians, avoid riding on sidewalks, ride with traffic, and obey all traffic lights and signs.

“As a Philadelphia-based company, we are so proud to help make this amazing system a reality,” said Alison Cohen, President and CEO of Bike Transit. “Bike share is such an efficient, fun, and convenient way to get around. From promotion and to customer service to maintenance of the world class BCycle bikes, Indego is powered by Philadelphians for Philadelphians. We couldn’t be more excited to have such a positive impact on the City.”

Over the past eight months, officials from the City of Philadelphia have conducted public outreach, attended community meetings and invited Philadelphians to vote on station locations online, via text-message and paper surveys. More than 5,600 Philadelphians provided nearly 11,000 comments on station locations.  The City has placed stations where they will be useful, convenient and compatible with the surrounding environment.

For more information on Indego, the station locations, and updates on the program, including membership registration and docking station map, visit Philadelphia’s bike share program website:

MOTU Announcement | Philadelphia Energy Initiatives Awards

During Mayor Nutter’s tenure, the City has set to become the greenest city in America. To recognize the amazing energy accomplishments that have since taken place, the Mayor recently gave Philadelphia Initiative Awards to the following policies, projects, and people that have demonstrated outstanding energy performance.

Award for the most on-site electricity production at a City-owned facility to the team that inspired the Philadelphia Water Department’s Biogas Cogeneration facility

The Biogas Cogeneration facility was installed at the Northeast Water Pollution Control Plant. It uses biogas from waste water, along with natural gas, to produce electricity on site. This facility generates 85% of the electricity and all of the heating needed for the site.

Award for the greatest energy-saving project among the City’s four largest facilities to the team that completed the Quadplex Guaranteed Energy Savings Act Project

The Quadplex Guaranteed Energy Savings Act Project implemented energy improvements in City Hall, the Criminal Justice Center, Municipal Services Building, and One Park Building. Together, these improvements are projected to lower energy consumption by 20% and to save the City approximately $25.5 million over fifteen years.

Award for the most improvement in PJM’s Demand Reponse program to the staff of the Philadelphia International Airport

The Philadelphia International Airport delivered 300% of their nomination in the their audit, compared to an average of 13% during the two events in 2013.

Award for developing, implementing, and holding staff accountable to an energy-saving lighting policy to the Parks and Recreation Department

Through its participation in the Energy Efficient Pilot Program, the Parks and Recreation Department requires a schedule for using field lights and holds staff accountable if its schedule is not adhered. Thanks to this successful policy, the Department saved over 85,000 kilowatts hours in fiscal year 2014 as compared to its average consumption over the three previous fiscal years.

Award for the most effective equipment procurement policy to the staff of the Health Department

The Health Department developed and implemented an energy-saving equipment and procurement policy, which means requiring ENERGY STAR-qualified equipment (if possible) when buying new equipment. The Health Department also participated in the Energy Efficiency Pilot Program which created a way to track its energy consumption. With the assistance of this policy, over 900,000 kilowatt hours were saved in fiscal year 2014, as compared to its average consumption over the three previous fiscal years.

Award for the most instrumental City employee in providing benchmarking water data access to Roy Romano

Roy Romano was instrumental in getting building across the city—both publicly and privately owned—the water data they needed to benchmark in Portfolio Manager. Without this crucial water data, many buildings would not have been able to comply with Philadelphia’s energy and benchmarking disclosure law. In the second compliance year for benchmarking disclosure law, the City enjoyed a 90% compliance rate.

The work that has been done to manage and reduce energy consumption across the City saves taxpayer dollars—and every dollar not spent on energy is a dollar available for City programs.

Please join us in congratulating the recipients!

Twitter Roundup from Today’s Bike Share Announcement


There was big announcement made this morning for bike share! The City proudly announced that Independence Blue Cross is the sponsor of Indego, Philadelphia’s bike share system, which is launching this spring. See the official press release here.

Below are some tweets from this morning’s press release at City Hall.

I hope you are excited as we are for the launch of Indego bike share this spring!


Originally posted on City of Philadelphia's News & Alerts:

Philadelphia, February 11, 2015 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced that Independence Blue Cross will serve as the title sponsor for Philadelphia’s bike share system, called Indego, which when it opens later this year will be a fleet of 600 professionally maintained and easy to ride bicycles and the network of more than 60 bicycle docking stations across the City.  In addition to the $3 million capital investment by the City of Philadelphia and more than $4.5 million in state, local and foundation funding, Independence Blue Cross will contribute about $1.7 million each year for the next five years as title sponsor.

“Indego will be a tremendous addition to our thriving city.  It will provide a low-cost, convenient, accessible and healthy transportation option for Philadelphians, commuters and visitors alike,” said Mayor Nutter.  “I am delighted that Independence Blue Cross has decided to partner with us on this exciting initiative as…

View original 738 more words

MOTU Announcement | Better Bike Share Partnership Aims to Increase Equity and Access in Bike Share


The City of Philadelphia is pleased to be working with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), and PeopleForBikes to from the Better Bike Share Partnership.  The Better Bike Share Partnership a grant-funded collaboration working to increase access to and the usage of bike share in underserved communities.  As part of this collaboration, each organization is playing a unique role:

  • NACTO will facilitate the sharing of best practices and strategies on bike share among cities;
  • PeopleForBikes will administer $900,000 in grant funding over the next three years to help US cities advance strategies to increase bike share in underserved communities. In addition, PeopleForBikes will oversee “a storytelling effort to better communicate the approaches, successes and challenges of the grantees through blogs, articles, images and videos” (;
  • The City of Philadelphia will be receiving grant funding from the Better Bike Share Partnership to implement 20 bike share stations in underserved communities when our bike share system launches in the Spring of 2015; and
  • The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is working to engage these communities around the coming bike share system.

Want to learn more? Check out the Better Bike Share Partnership Blog and follow the Better Bike Share Partnership on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Bike Share Station Planning Report


A bike share station planning update report is now available at! (Click the big grey button labeled “Station Survey Report.”)

Earlier in the fall, we collected over 10,500 text-message, online, and paper surveys in response to 95 potential bike share locations. At two all-day Open Houses in November we spoke with over 400 people about the results, and we’re pleased to post the full update online.

The report describes bike share site planning and community outreach efforts and also details site-specific survey findings. The bulk of the report consists of one page snapshots of the feedback we received about each potential location. You’ll also see a map (visible above) showing the general locations that we’ve decided are most promising for Phase 1 of bike share (60+ stations in spring 2015), and those that are likely to appear in future phases, starting in spring 2016.

The map is NOT a final station map. We are continuing to investigate alternative locations using suggestions submitted via surveys and in consultation with community, public, and private partners. We are working to identify additional sites that didn’t appear on the initial map (e.g., near Suburban Station). A final station map will be available in spring 2015.

Bike Share Open Houses


Maybe you’ve never heard of bike share. Or maybe you are one of the 5,824 people who submitted one of 10,535 online, text, and paper surveys about a potential bike share station between September 17- October 20. Either way, you’re invited to attend MOTU’s Bike Share Open Houses!  Bike share representatives will be on hand to discuss Philadelphia’s future program as well as survey findings. Come stop by! The details:

Open House #1

Date: Tuesday, November 18

Time: 8:15am-6pm

Where: The Gallery at Jefferson Station (formerly Market East), in the Atrium and Food Court (enter from 9th/Market)

Open House #2

Date: Thursday, November 20

Time: 8:15am-6pm

Where: 30th Street Station, west side of main waiting area

Can’t make the Open Houses?  Don’t worry; materials and survey results will be posted online at following the events. You’ll be able to see the breakdown of support for each potential station posted on the map at

What’s next for bike share?  Bike share planners are using survey results to guide site visits and are continuing to meet with property owners and community groups to identify good locations for bike share. If you would like to host City reps for a discussion of bike share at your next community meeting, please e-mail and



MOTU Announcements | It’s Road Safety, Not Rocket Science


The City of Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities (MOTU) is pleased to announce the implementation and expansion of its traffic and pedestrian safety program It’s Road Safety, Not Rocket Science. Join us today, October 15th, at 1:30pm at City Hall for the formal announcement.

Funded through the Spring of 2016 by a competitive grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, It’s Road Safety, Not Rocket Science, is a no-nonsense, multi-faceted program which seeks to reduce the number of pedestrian involved crashes, injuries and fatalities in the City of Philadelphia.  The educational, enforcement and engagement aspects of this program will concentrate along high-crash corridors.  Aspects of the program include:

  • The issuing of warnings and citations to drivers and warnings to pedestrians who are engaged in unsafe behavior;
  • The creation of a police pedestrian enforcement training video;
  • A pedestrian safety advertising campaign on targeted transit bus shelters and transit vehicles;
  • The implementation of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s Safe Routes Philly school curriculum at 25 schools, which teaches students how to walk to school safely;
  • An innovative social media campaign which will engage Philadelphians city-wide about how to employ safe pedestrian and driver behavior.

The general timeline for implementation of the different facets of this program are as follows:

  • October 2014 – April 2016 — Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Campaign
  • October 2014 – June 2015 — Safe Routes Philly Programming for the 2014-2015 School Year
  • March 2015 – May 2015 — Spring Safety Advertising Engagement Campaign
  • September 2015 – November 2015 — Fall Safety Advertising Engagement Campaign
  • October 2015 – June 2016 — Safe Routes Philly Programming for the 2015-2016 School Year

For more details regarding this program please click here.

See the original press release about the Pedestrian Focus Cities Grant by clicking here.

MOTU Announcements | New Sharrows in Philadelphia

This summer, the Philadelphia Streets Department installed 13 miles of sharrows on Philadelphia streets. Shared lane markings, or ‘sharrows’, were initially developed as part of an experiment to help control traffic in several cities across the United States. The findings of this experiment were that sharrows helped to guide bicyclists away from the door zone — the area adjacent to parked cars where bicyclists could potentially be trapped or hit by a door. These findings led to approval of sharrows by the Federal Highway Administration in 2009.


Philadelphia first began identifying streets where sharrows could be installed in the 2012 Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan for Philadelphia. As shown in a map of current bike facilities in central Philadelphia below, the streets marked this summer include portions of 13th and 15th Streets between Spring Garden Street and Temple University; Memphis, Tulip, Columbia, and Malborough Streets; Sansom Street; and 18th and 21st Streets between Washington and Fairmount Avenues.


How does the Streets Department determine which streets should have sharrows? The main requirement is that streets be part of the city’s Bicycle Network Plan. Bicycle planners and traffic engineers then identify places where installing sharrows would help provide a clear, continuous, and safe path for bicycles to ride on. The chart below outlines more specific reasons for installing sharows.

Sharrows-01 You can read more about some of the new installations here and here.

MOTU Announcements | New Green Conflict Zone Markings


Bicycle Conflict Zone at Logan Circle/19th/Race

Bicycle Conflict Zone at Logan Circle/19th/Race

Have you seen Philadelphia’s new green bicycle conflict zone pavement markings?

Green conflict zones highlight locations where bicycles and motor vehicles must cross paths.  Bright green pavement draws motorists’ attention to these areas while providing cyclists with a clear place to negotiate a crossing.

MOTU and the Streets Department have been working to install new green bicycle conflict zone pavement markings as part of the City’s ongoing Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Improvements Program, which is funded through the Automated Red Light Enforcement (ARLE) program.  Certain green conflict zone areas also include improved white bicycle lane pavement markings as well as two-stage-left-turn boxes, to help facilitate left turns for bicycles at busy intersections.

Keep your eyes out for new green conflict zone markings at:

  1. 5th & Race
  2. 6th & Market
  3. Logan Circle & Vine
  4. 6th & Wood (I-676 ramp)
  5. 19th & Race
  6. 7th & Oregon
  7. 34th & Grays Ferry
  8. 54th & Christian
  9. Columbus Blvd & Morris
  10. Columbus Blvd & Oregon
  11. Columbus Blvd & McKean
  12. Columbus Blvd & Dilworth
  13. Columbus Blvd & Mifflin
  14. Columbus Blvd & Snyder
  15. Grays Ferry & Washington
  16. Penrose & Pattison
  17. 20th & Belfield
  18. Belfield & Wister
  19. Umbria & Domino
  20. Henry & Wigard
  21. Henry & Gates
  22. 19th & Ogontz
  23. 20th & Ogontz
  24. Champlost & Ogontz
  25. Kemble & Ogontz
  26. Olney & Ogontz
  27. Walnut Lane & Ogontz
  28. Byberry & Academy
  29. Woodhaven & Thornton
  30. Langdon & Oxford
  31. Kensington & Allegheny
  32. Cumberland & Aramingo
  33. Westmoreland & Aramingo
  34. 52nd & Parkside
  35. Washington & Water
  36. Washington & Moyamensing

Conflict zone at Logan Circle/19th/Race in action



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