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Did you know that in 2013 a car hit a pedestrian once every five hours in Philadelphia? The City of Philadelphia is committed to lowering that number! Philadelphia was awarded a Pedestrian Focus Cities Grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2014 to conduct It’s Road Safety, Not Rocket Science, a program to reduce pedestrian crashes and fatalities.



An analysis of crash data identified three priority zones in the City of Philadelphia. The three zones are:
(1) Market Street, from 5th Street to 22nd Street;
(2) Broad Street, from Race Street to Lehigh Avenue; and
(3) Broad Street, from Olney Avenue to Chew Avenue.
Program activities will focus on these priority zones, but the program’s reach will be city-wide.


The Philadelphia Police Department will hand out warnings to pedestrians and warnings and citations to drivers for unsafe or illegal behavior. The program will also create a training video for the Police about how to better enforce safe pedestrian and automobile contacts.

For more information regarding enforcement, please email Lieutenant Gallagher at police.co_06@phila.gov


The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is working with Philadelphia schools, in priority zones, to conduct the Safe Routes Philly school curriculum. They will teach students how to walk to school safely. The Coalition is also conducting school walkability audits and will give recommendations to the Philadelphia Department of Streets for possible improvements to street design.

For more information regarding education, please email Waffiyyah Murray at waffiyyah@bicyclecoalition.org


The program includes a city-wide pedestrian safety advertising campaign. Messages are on SEPTA buses, bus shelters, subways, and trolleys. The advertising campaign includes a social media campaign to engage both pedestrians and drivers.  Check out the current campaign’s website here.  Feel free to check out our previous safety campaigns including “Drive Right, Ride Right, and Walk Right” and “Give Respect, Get Respect”.

For more information regarding engagement or the overall program, please email Ema Yamamoto at ema.yamamoto@phila.gov


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